Summit League Tournament 2021 Top 5 Plays of the Day

Check out the top 5 Plays from each day of the Summit League Men's and Women's tournaments.

Top 5 Plays of the Summit League Quarterfinals

Saturday, March 6

5️⃣ Six from downtown💦☔️ – Omaha’s Ayo Akinwole hits six threes in 2nd half
4️⃣ USD’s big trio👌 – Hannah Sjerven, Chloe Lamb, and Live Korngable combine for 60
3️⃣ High flying exclamation point‼️ – USD’s Shanley Umude two-handed slam late in the game
2️⃣ Jackrabbit alley-oop👊 – SDSU’s Douglas Wilson from Matt Mims
1️⃣ Omaha women make history🚨🙌 – Mavs upset SDSU – First 8-1 upset in tourney history

Top 5 Plays of the Summit League Quarterfinals

Sunday, March 7

5️⃣ Baseline flush🙌 – UND’s Mitchell Sueker drives baseline and dunks
4️⃣ Mid-air putback🔙 – NDSU’s Heaven Hamling grabs offensive board and scores
3️⃣ Foul and free throws to win🚨 – WIU’s Elizabeth Lutz drains the game winners
2️⃣ Obanor’s Jam🍇 – ORU’s Kevin Obanor from Max Abmas late in the 2nd half
1️⃣ High-flying herd🚀 – NDSU’s Rocky Kreuser, Sam Griesel and Grant Nelson slamming

Top 5 Plays of the Summit League Semifinals

Monday, March 8

5️⃣ Lamb laser🎯 – USD’s Chloe Lamb finds Maddie Krull for two
4️⃣ Killian crossover🔀 – Omaha’s Claire Killian with the nice move and drive for two
3️⃣ Rocky’s rim shakers🔨⬇️ – NDSU’s Rocky Kreuser trio of dunks in the 2nd half
2️⃣ Half court alley-oop🛫 – SDSU’s Douglas Wilson from Baylor Scheierman
1️⃣ ORU game-winner🚨🙌 – Kevin Obanor with the put back to win at the buzzer