SD High School Football Midseason Stat Report

Stats are difficult to keep in high school sports, and we appreciate those schools who take it seriously. I have always loved stats, so I decided to do my best at putting the stats all in one place to create a mid-season leaders report. Not every coach responded but we got almost 80% of the biggest schools in South Dakota to contribute. If you don’t see your team, I apologize. Coaches are teachers too and they are extremely busy, so I don’t blame them for not compiling and getting them back to me. Thanks to each coach who took time to help. The team stats are at the beginning and the individual leaders are after that in each class.

Class 11AAA

Team Stats

Individual Stats

(Photo: Brandon Valley’s Tate Johnson leads the class in rushing yards and has twice as many touchdowns as the next player.)


Rushing Yards

Rushing Touchdowns