Jordan On Jordan: Episode 6

The music has stopped and “The Last Dance” has concluded.

Over the past five weeks, we’ve been fortunate enough to learn about all the partners in the dance, from security guards to rivals to Michael Jordan himself. It wasn’t always a smooth trot, but it ended on a high note, even if the tango could’ve continued.

On the final episode of the Jordan On Jordan podcast, Midco Sports Network’s David Brown and basketball analyst Jordan Dalton reflect on episodes nine and ten of the docuseries. They discuss the “food poisoning” game, how MJ always found fuel in the tank, and whether the Bulls would have realistically been able to compete for another championship in the 1998-99 season.

Plus, what will the lasting impact of the documentary be?

Episode Highlights

3:35 – David Brown and Jordan Dalton discuss "The Flu Game" and how they were surprised Michael Jordan finally admitted the rumor about his illness actually being food poisoning was true.

8:16 – The 1998 Eastern Conference Finals between the Bulls and Pacers is examined and how "The Last Dance" could have gone a little more in-depth on certain aspects of the series.

12:53 – How Michael Jordan’s relationships with security guards provided a contrast to his on-court persona.

16:25 – The backstory of Steve Kerr and how his worldview today was shaped by his childhood.

20:20 – David and Jordan discuss MJ’s ability to be "present" during the 1998 NBA Finals.

26:24 – Why the end of Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals encapsulated everything that made Michael Jordan special.

33:26 – How the afterparty of the Bulls 6th championship was a microcosm of how famous the team became.

36:09 – Why head coach Phil Jackson’s legacy has been impacted by the documentary.

38:16 – David and Jordan discuss how Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf gave a half-hearted attempt to bring the team back for the 1998-99 season.

42:35 – A discussion of how and why dynasties eventually come to an end.

48:23 – Is this documentary the "final word" on Michael Jordan’s career?