MidcoSN Mascot Madness

Mascots define a school in a magical way. In North and South Dakota, we identify communities by their mascot, and there are some great ones. How do we go about picking the best mascot in the Dakotas?

First, we only considered original mascot names in North Dakota and South Dakota. (Sorry, Tigers). Then, from that pool, we chose our top 32 from each state. We took those 32 teams from each state and split them into random regions: two from SD and two regions from ND. Then we seeded teams one to sixteen based solely on our opinions. 

Update After Round One

Wow! Thank you for the remarkable response to MidcoSN Mascot Madness. We had nearly 5,000 votes for the opening round! We had some stunning surprises, too, with not one but two number one seeds getting upset. The Bismarck Legacy Sabers and Clark/Willow Lake Cyclones are your Cinderella stories as we enter the second round.

Update After Round Two

Thank you for another strong voting response to the MidcoSN Mascot Madness in round two! More crazy results happened as the #16 seeded Bismarck Legacy Sabers did it again with an upset over the Beach Buccaneers to qualify for the sweet 16. Only a single top-seeded mascot remains in the field of 16, the Gregory Gorillas.

You can see the rest of the teams that moved on in the bracket below.

Help us keep this tournament going, the voting changes to Facebook and Instagram Stories this week. Each day from Tuesday, April 28 through Friday, May 1, we’ll have two matchups for you to vote on.


SD: Dell Rapids vs. Mitchell
ND: Devils Lake vs. Mott-Regent 

SD: RC Central vs. Edgemont
ND: Larimore vs. Wyndmere 

SD: Gregory vs. Lead-Deadwood
ND: Legacy vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley 

SD: Sturgis vs. Phili
ND: Power Lake vs. St. John

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