Jordan on Jordan: Episode 2

A documentary years in the making and a story decades in the making finally made its debut on Sunday, April 19! The first two episodes of “The Last Dance,” a 10-part series which chronicles Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, gave us a glimpse of just how emotional and intriguing this saga will be.

In episode two of the “Jordan On Jordan” podcast, Midco Sports Network’s David Brown and basketball analyst Jordan Dalton recap the first two hours of “The Last Dance.” They discuss their favorite quotes, the MVP and LVP (least valuable player) of the series so far, and the most surprising things they learned.

Plus, a discussion of how the documentary is portraying certain subjects and trying to strike a balanced tone.

Episode Highlights

0:36 – David Brown and Jordan Dalton offer their initial thoughts on the first two episodes of “The Last Dance” and how the documentary is already so engrossing even though we know how it all ends.

2:55 – David and Jordan break down the first two episodes by spelling out six different categories for analysis. First, they discuss the most surprising things they learned through the first two hours, specifically in regards to Michael Jordan and head coach Phil Jackson.

5:53 – The second category is a conversation on the funniest part of the first two episodes, including a unique nickname for the pre-Jordan Bulls and how Michael didn’t exactly inherit his father’s craftsmanship.

8:09 – Category number three – what was the most poignant or emotional moment? The discussion turns to Scottie Pippen and his ascension to superstardom despite growing up in deep poverty in rural Arkansas.

13:06 – Fourth, what was the best quote from Sunday night? Candidates range from Pippen to NBA legend Larry Bird.

18:04 – Fifth, David and Jordan discuss who was the MVP of the first two episodes.

20:37 – Finally, who was the LVP (least valuable player) through the first part of the documentary? Suffice to say, David and Jordan agree on this one.

24:51 – David and Jordan dissect how “The Last Dance” is trying to portray embattled Bulls general manager Jerry Krause and if there’s enough balance shown to the man largely seen as the main antagonist.

27:57 – What David and Jordan are hoping to have answered in the next couple of episodes.

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