Jordan On Jordan: Episode 1

For people of a certain age, Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls represent the pinnacle of individual and team success. Their achievements have attained a mythological status and now, the story behind those unparalleled accomplishments is ready to be told.

Starting on Sunday, April 19, ESPN debuts The Last Dance, a 10-part documentary about Jordan and those Bulls teams. It’s a project that’s been in production for more than two years and two certain fans can’t wait for it to get started!

In the first episode of a six-part podcast series, Midco Sports Network's David Brown is joined by former Augustana basketball player and MidcoSN basketball analyst Jordan Dalton to preview the documentary. The two MJ fans also share their memories of the superstar, watching those Bulls teams growing up and what they’re looking forward to seeing the most in the documentary.

In the coming weeks, they’ll review the episodes of The Last Dance and continue to offer their personal memories of Michael Jordan.

 Episode Highlights

0:40 – Jordan Dalton discusses being named after Michael Jordan and growing up for most of his childhood in Illinois. He also discussed this with the Chicago Tribune in September 2009 right before MJ was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. You can read that article here

3:02 – A discussion on whether being named "Jordan" meant a natural gravitation toward basketball.

5:14 – David and Jordan discuss MJ’s worldwide impact and why both he and the Bulls as a team became global icons.

8:15 – How the spread of television coverage helped the Bulls aura of invincibility.

12:21 – David and Jordan discuss the anticipation and hype of "The Last Dance" and what they’re looking forward to seeing the most in the documentary.

14:12 – A discussion on why David and Jordan Dalton believe Michael Jordan chose to participate in the documentary and how they think it will impact people’s perceptions.

17:45 – Jordan discusses his first job out of college working for the Charlotte Bobcats (the team owned by Michael Jordan) and shares a fantastic story about MJ at the team’s Christmas party.

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