UND: The Bill Chaves Podcast: Ep 1

If you’re a fan of University of North Dakota Athletics, THIS is your podcast.
Today's installment of the MidcoSN Podcast comes from The Bill Chaves Podcast feed, where UND AD Bill Chaves and I meet weekly to talk about what's happening on and off the field of play for the Fighting Hawks before digging into the wider world of college and pro sports. We’re now in our second season of the pod, with this (stunningly) serving as our 50th episode…roughly 47 more than Bill thought we’d create before the higher-ups pulled the plug. (FYI: Our motto is “Come for the UND talk, stay for the self-deprecation!”)
On this week’s episode, Bill and I discuss UND’s push for the postseason in soccer, volleyball and football, plus we look back on the NCAA’s new stance on the Likeness/Image/Name debate. On the B-side, the Steelers win, the Pats lose, and Spurs are literally breaking people’s ankles.
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