My Wife, Mag, and Me or: I’m a Terrible Time Juggler

You would think a guy (and I won’t keep you in suspense...I’m talking about me) that produces, shoots, and edits Midco Sports Magazine, a television show specifically geared to search out and share stories of inspiration and overcoming obstacles, would be living the life he’s preaching…but that’s not always the case.

I’m not really sure what spurred the life change…but a few years ago I took up running. I didn’t love it but I enjoyed how the weight around my midsection seemed to disappear. I had more energy. My clothes fit better. I found that I could enjoy a soda or an extra candy bar without feeling guilty. It was an obvious math problem: time + effort = payoff.

At some point (and without really knowing it), life got busier. I seemed to have less time for running. Instead, I gave that time and effort to my work, to things that needed done around the house, and to hanging out with my wife. My running became less of a priority…my soda and "guilt-less" food consumption stayed the same…not surprisingly, my waistline did not.

It’s been a struggle to find motivation to get back to my running ways.

Recently I’ve thought a lot about a speech I heard way, (way, way) way back in the mid-90s when I started college. The talk was about the three most important "baskets" in a student’s world: the school basket, social basket, and me basket. The presenter said if too much time was put into one of these baskets and not enough in another, a student could experience bad grades, distance between friends, or loss of self. It still rings true today…although now my baskets have different names: my wife, Mag, and me.

I’m attempting to put a few minutes back into that "me" start running again and cutting out those pesky sodas from my diet. Like I said earlier, the inspiration has continued to be all around me…but the "fuel" to start that fire is something I have to find on my own.

This month on Midco Sports Magazine we’re showcasing three stories of runners who have found that catalyst and are setting their own pace. Check out the preview video at the very bottom of this blog.

Kelly Stewart will introduce you to Benson Langet. Originally from Kenya, he’s now made a home for himself in South Dakota. Benson is a runner with big aspirations.

Carla Metts will share the history of Sioux Falls Women Run. What started out as a small Facebook group...has become so much more.

We’ll look at how Hy-Vee/Sanford Legends for Kids has helped schools such as the Flandreau Indian School get students involved with sports.

Watch the June episode of Midco Sports Magazine, "Setting the Pace," at 6:30 PM CT on Monday, June 5.

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